Patricia De Fonte as a Guest on The Spinster Podcast

In this episode, Amie (host, The Spinster Podcast) confronts her own mortality as she talks to Patricia De Fonte about estate planning. But she soon learns that estate planning isn’t just for when you’re dead. Patricia breaks down everything you need to know for your own estate plan. Things like:
– What to look for in an estate lawyer
– How to decide who gets your stuff
– How insurance can help you answer the question “Who will take care of you when you’re old and infirm?”
– How to talk to the people in your life about estate planning

Don’t be Chaos! Start estate planning now! 

The Benefits of a Revocable Trust

Why creating almost everyone could benefit from Revocable Trust:
– Provides tax planning and asset protection planning ability for a surviving spouse.
– Creates a trust for minor children that provides for their care and allows their guardians to look to the trust to ensure the children have the best home environment and everything they need.
– Protects beneficiaries from the perils of inheritance – drugs, creeps, and grief.

The Hazards of DIY Estate Planning

Learn why DIY Online Estate Plans are dangerous for you and your family:
– No tax planning or asset protection planning ability for a surviving spouse.
– No instructions were provided on how to ensure the trust is properly funded.
– No malpractice insurance – if the client gets it wrong their beneficiaries will not win a lawsuit against any of these online form-generating companies.