Estate Planning in California: Navigating Community Property and Inherited Real Estate Tax

California distinguishes itself in estate planning by not imposing its estate tax or inheritance tax. However, this does not mean a straightforward journey. This podcast addresses critical considerations for estate planning in California, emphasizing the impact of community property laws and the intricacies of taxation related to inherited real estate.  

Pillar6 Podcast: Estate Planning Myths, Traps, and Opportunities With Patricia De Fonte

In the latest episode of the Pillar6 Podcast, host Roman Polnar discusses estate planning with Patricia De Fonte, the Founder and Owner of De Fonte Law PC. The conversation revolves around the essential elements of estate planning, including the careful consideration of your personal needs, your assets, and your dependents. The episode stresses the importance…

Patricia De Fonte as a Guest on The Spinster Podcast

In this episode, Amie (host, The Spinster Podcast) confronts her own mortality as she talks to Patricia De Fonte about estate planning. But she soon learns that estate planning isn’t just for when you’re dead. Patricia breaks down everything you need to know for your own estate plan. Things like:
– What to look for in an estate lawyer
– How to decide who gets your stuff
– How insurance can help you answer the question “Who will take care of you when you’re old and infirm?”
– How to talk to the people in your life about estate planning

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