Why Clients Love Us

At De Fonte Law PC, we strive to make the entire client experience, from the initial inquiry to the final meeting, positive, collaborative, and productive. Attention to detail, compassion, and a Ph.D. in paranoia drives our entire estate planning process. Ensuring all our clients take away a comprehensive estate plan that empowers their heirs, preserves family harmony, and promotes their values, is our mission!

Twenty Minute Complimentary Consultation

Estate planning is an intimate process and finding the right lawyer is important. Our twenty-minute complimentary consultation with an attorney is your opportunity to interview us and determine whether we are the right law firm for you.

The Lawyer’s Learning Meeting

Once a client has decided to hire us, we schedule our first substantive meeting. During this meeting, we will review your intake forms, learn about you, your family, and your inner circle of loved ones. A line-by-line asset review and a discussion about your insurance, tax preparation, and financial advisory is an important component of this meeting. At the end of this meeting, you will be ready to tell us who is in charge and who gets what, when, and how.

The Client’s Learning Meeting

While we will send you documents for your review, we insist that all clients meet with us to review the documents. We feel that only through this process can we ensure that our clients understand the purpose and function of each document and are confident in their choice of agents and successors. It is an opportunity to make changes to the documents and ask the lawyer all of your questions.


We offer both in person and remote online notarization.

The Funding and Maintenance Meeting

Your estate plan is not your documents; it is what you do with your documents. A revocable trust will fail if you have not transferred your assets to that trust. During this meeting, we will review the tools you will need to fund your trust and maintain it over time successfully.

Complementary Client Service Package

With your permission, we will send your financial advisor, tax advisors, insurance brokers and agents, and your corporate counsel copies of documents that will enable them to assist you in funding your trust. We will send you emails on a variety of topics, such as digital assets and document sharing, over the three months after you sign. Every client receives a yearly reminder to review their estate plan portfolio, and we offer a complimentary meeting every three years.

“Patricia De Fonte is super knowledgeable, thorough and manages to put together comprehensive personalized estate plans, so that you know your family is protected. Having worked with many attorneys, I can attest that Patricia is the creme de la creme.”