About Patricia De Fonte

I am passionate about providing estate planning services to parents with minor children. I have dedicated my career to helping people protect themselves, their assets, and their families.

I was born in St. Luke’s Hospital in the Mission District of San Francisco. I grew up in San Jose, back when it was “Sa-nazay,’ and attended Santa Clara University, from which I graduated with a BA in Communication and minor in Italian. After working at TBS in Atlanta and on “The Home Show” in Los Angeles, I moved to Rome, where I managed a television channel featuring American programming on the first satellite television platform in the Middle East.

Returning to San Francisco in 1998, I met my future husband on my first day at Golden Gate University School of Law, where I earned my JD. I practiced entertainment and intellectual property law with the Idell Firm for five rewarding and exciting years.

In 2016, while back at Golden Gate University to earn my LLM in Estate Planning, Probate, and Trust Administration, I established De Fonte Law PC to work with families and individuals to provide the much needed stability and peace of mind that comes from knowing an estate is in order.

I’m also a mom, to two wonderful boys, which informs why and how I work with clients.

While serving as an award-winning Neighborhood Watch captain I helped beautify our neighborhood and planted over 200 trees. I helped my children’s public school raise funds for a garden and soccer field.

I find the time to play with family and friends, support causes that are important to me, and read the New Yorker cover to cover every week. Clients and friends have told me that I’m naturally warm and relatable. I will treat you as one of my own, until Cards Against Humanity comes out, when all bets are off.


The quickest way to communicate my values is to share the list of charities that I actively support, personally.


  • American Civil Liberties Union
  • The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
  • America SCORES Soccer Bay Area
  • Friends of the Urban Forest
  • Planned Parenthood
  • Smile Train
  • Southern Poverty Law Center


  • Attorney Action Club
  • Bay Networking Group
  • Professional Women’s Network

Logo story

When I was a child I asked my father what happens to us after we die. My father told me that we walk and walk, past the moon, past the sun, until we get to the apple pie tree. I am grateful to fifth-generation metal worker, jewelry maker, and my friend  Aimee Golant for creating my “Apple Pie Tree of Life” logo and necklace based on my father’s story, my love of apple pie, and my work planting trees with Friends of the Urban Forest.

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