What We Value To Our Core

Estate planning is not one and done. We strive to have life long relationships with our clients. Our complementary client service package includes newsletters, email check ins and periodic meetings to ensure up to date estate plans that promote family harmony.

We take tech seriously. We use WealthCounsel to draft our clients documents. WealthCounsel is used by lawyers throughout the United States. More than a drafting tool, WealthCounsel provides education, a community forum and works to ensure documents are up to date with local and federal laws and best practices. We use Clio’s secure file sharing and communications portal to protect our clients privacy. We also engage the services of an IT professional to ensure our systems are safe and sound.

Our network is your network. It is important to us that our clients have a terrific team of advisors and we spend a lot of time learning from other professionals so that we can spot issues related to finances, insurance, real estate and more.

Education is a core value for us. Workshops are held monthly online, and anyone with a group of ten or more can request a workshop. We are also voracious consumers of education and attend workshops on everything from NFT’s to bioethics!

Our team at De Fonte Law PC is comprised of Attorneys, Client Relations Liaisons, our Media Director, and our Director of Operations. But we can’t do it all! To provide every client with a terrific experience, we rely on our vendors who provide bookkeeping, IT support, notary services, pies, and more. As a team we practice Kai Zen, a Japanese business philosophy that focuses on gradually improving productivity by involving all employees and by making the work environment more efficient. Kaizen translates to “change for the better” or “continuous improvement.”

There is a 100% chance of death. 33% of heirs lose everything within three years of receiving an inheritance. Their money might be lost to the court system and lawyers, to greedy friends and family, or simply due to emotional distress and infighting among your loved ones.

When you have uncertainty around your assets, the more it will cost your family when you pass.

There is an epidemic failure in America to protect our heirs from creditors and predators. Often the less we have, the more important estate planning is. De Fonte Law PC practices Estate Planning with Heart™ and believes that estate planning is a social justice issue. We work with happy, proactive people who want to protect their heir’s privacy and give them the tools they need to become savvy and successful people.