Preserving Family Harmony

Empowering Your Heirs

Reflecting Your Values

Estate planning is not what you think it is. Of course it is about money and taxes, but more importantly, it is about family harmony, who you love, and who you trust. We help you understand the ramifications of your decisions and help you create a plan that lets the people you trust the most care for you, and creates protected, empowered and savvy heirs, using documents that reflect your personality and your values.

We offer flat rate pricing for all estate planning.

Serving as a successor trustee is serious business. Provide the person who honors you with an organized binder of instructions, advice, and checklists.

Estate planning is intimate. We will talk about your hopes, fears, goals and frailties. We care deeply about our clients and provide a service that goes beyond the “four corners” of the documents we prepare. Our network is your network.

Peace Of Mind

There is an epidemic failure in America to protect our heirs, including surviving spouses and partners, from creditors and predators. De Fonte Law PC practices Estate Planning With Heart and believes that estate planning is a social justice issue. We work with happy, proactive people who want to protect their heir’s privacy and give them the tools they need to become savvy and successful people. Estate planning is for everyone.