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Estate planning is often thought of as something for the wealthy, or a task to complete at the end of life. Not true! Estate planning is fundamental, and it is for everyone. We are committed to providing no cost education on estate planning fundamentals to the public, and we also provide in depth education for our professional community.

Estate Planning Fundamentals for Parents Workshop

At this estate planning workshop, parents will learn why they need a personalized estate plan to care for themselves, and their children should the unfortunate happen.

Minor children do not have the legal capacity to inherit. With a personalized trust, parents decide when their children receive their inheritance – at specified ages, for specific reasons, and with specified limitations.

Estate Planning Fundamentals for Parents Workshop

  • Learn how a customized guardianship nomination can provide potential guardians with a roadmap to your vision for your children’s future.
  • Learn why everyone over the age of eighteen needs an advance health care directive and a durable power of attorney.

Estate Planning Fundamentals for Parents Workshop

  • Learn how to control the circumstances in which your children receive their inheritance
  • Learn the difference between a will and a trust
  • Learn how to create an estate with life insurance
  • Learn about what happens when someone dies without an estate plan
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Estate Planning Workshop for Unmarried Couples

In this workshop, Patricia De Fonte will talk you through California’s default laws, explaining the risks facing unmarried couples when it comes to breakups and death, and explain the mechanisms available to you to protect yourselves, each other and your children from the unexpected and the inevitable.

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Essential Roadmap to Divorce

Whether you are contemplating divorce, or have clients who look to you for guidance and support, this workshop will introduce you to trusted professionals who collaborate with De Fonte Law PC to ease the transition for better financial and emotional outcomes.

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“Patricia’s workshop on estate planning was thorough, interesting, direct and engaging. I highly recommend her workshops and exploring working with her.”
-Adela D Pedroza