Patricia’s workshop on estate planning was thorough, interesting, direct and engaging. I highly recommend her workshops and exploring working with her.


Deborah and I have been thinking about forming a living trust for years. It seemed like a daunting task that kept being delayed. We contacted De Fonte law It was a breeze. Nadya walked us through the process. Our meetings were on Zoom due to Covid which worked Well.
Thanks Patricia, Nadya and your team


On advice from my financial planner, I contacted Patricia. What I expected was a brisk run-through, details on payment, and a quick handshake. Instead, I found Patricia to be warm, understanding, and patient. She took the time to actually talk with me. I found her to be professional, understanding. She kept in touch throughout the process. At our second meeting, I felt I was sitting across from a good friend. It was a relief to have this process completed and to have it done with attention to all the details that needed to be taken care of. I’m grateful for her expertise and guidance, and most of all for having met her. Thank you, Patricia.


Patricia, I had been avoiding the whole estate planning project for so long and now I know why. I was waiting to find you! You took the fear out of a very cringe-worthy topic. With extraordinary professionalism, you helped me make sense of J’s custody and financial landscape in case of my untimely demise, addressing the uniquely complicated issues I’ve been ignoring for so long. All the while maintaining a warm and genuinely friendly vibe. From our very in-person first meeting, to our pandemic zoom calls, your humor and down-to-earth-edness made me feel relaxed and cared for. Kudos to Traci Hollander for making this connection! Thank you, thank you and thank you! And the pie… talk about classy!


Patricia De Fonte made estate planning smooth and meaningful. It’s a difficult process to navigate through the crossroad of law and morality. Patricia knows her stuff, explains it well, and is efficient. Highly recommend it.


Patricia made a very emotional process for our family feel easy, thorough and supported. She’s a lovely, warm and down-to-earth pro at what she does and answers all of our questions with clarity and care, never making us feel judged in any way. Her expertise, patience and guidance allowed us to consider possibilities about our son’s future and advanced life planning that would have been overlooked, which resulted in a more thoughtful and intentional estate plan than we expected. She truly lives up to her brand, ‘estate planning with heart’ — we felt her genuine care and presence throughout the engagement. It was especially convenient (and safe) to be able to get it done 100% virtually, given that our family was apart in different locations for a period of time during this pandemic year. We highly recommend working with Patricia!


We dragged our feet for over two years about making an estate plan and Patricia not only convinced us to finally jump in and make it happen but also guided us through the whole process. She was helpful, thoughtful, compassionate, and incredibly thorough with helping us create an estate plan that was tailored to our specific needs and would protect our family for the long term. And she was able to recommend a number of other important professionals (insurance agents, financial planner, etc) that would help make the work easier both now and in the future. We would never have gotten this done so quickly and painlessly without her.